San Francisco

Golden  Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge

The best known landmark of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge spans over the Golden Gate, the entry to the San Francisco Bay Area. This huge area all alround San Francisco and Oakland has a lot more to offer than just one bridge. 

Golden Gate Park

For example the Golden Gate Park in Sam Franciscos west. This park, one of the biggest urban park, with botanical gardens, the japanese Teagarden, Museums, a Polofield, a Ballpark and some lakes, all of it manmade, of course, just like everything. 

Fishermans Wharf

In contrast to that, on the east end of the San Framcisco Peninsula there is Fishermans Wharf, together with Pier 38, the other big thing in San Francisco, with a lot of small stores, restaurants and musicians on the street. 

Here life roars, and the big city shows it's hectic, bored side, that wants to be entertained, at best fir free, and without moving an inch. 

Just a few yards away from this raging madness there is a nice little beach, where Children and grownups meet, spend time together, make some music and just enjoy life. 

Both side of the medal are part of each and every city, and as a tourist you always right in between both of them. For me personaly the nice and calm way suits me better, then the crazy and busy half. 


At the Waterfront along the former piers for ships from all over the world, today there are modern and fresh restaurants and a museum, aimed not only at children. There you can do the experiments and find out things from all over science.

The main problem of this museum is, that it closes down at 5 pm, and tells you to leave by switching off the power for the experiments, and the light.

At the end of the Waterfront, where Embacadero and Market Street meet ist the center of the Waterfront, the Ferrybuilding at Pier 1.

Here where in another century dozens and dozens of ferrys with thousands of people onboard came from near and far to work or party in San Francisco, now stands a nice Farmers Market, where you get delicousness from near and far.


Right in the middle of the rough cold water of the San Francisco Bay there lies one of the most famous islands in the whole world: Alcatraz, The Rock.

Here, visible from Fishermans Wharf and the Waterfront, often swathed in fog lies this rocky Island, ment to be home for up to 300 prisoners. Less then a from the roaring city the US-Goverment used to lock up, those, no one else wanted to have around. Murderers, Bank-robbers and impostors were locked up in tiny cells with astonishingly good food and very few freetime.

I sadly could not enter the island, as that tour was booked out weeks in advance, so instead I did a 90 minute boat tour through the bay. That tour acctualy was very interesting, and the manyy facts and stories about the city and it's sights quite entertaining.

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