What a busy place!

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

From the relaxed and warm Fiji I came to the biggest city in Australia, the 4 1/2 million Metropole Sydney, with a rather less Australian weather. 

When I arrived, without looking up the weather in before, I had drizzling rain and 15°C. 

Great. That's not what I imagined it to be like. But it got better, I wrote as I said underneath palm trees in blazing heat.

But it got better in Sydeny aswell. 

Tradition und Moderne
Tradition and Modern

Not only the weather was something for me as a middle european to like, the city itself was pretty satisfying to me. 

We made up in high-rise buildings, made from glass and steel don't. The towers of the financial industry full of offices tower the city not unlimited though. The city Council down there no building in the city should be higher than the Sydney talent, second high is the tone of the southern hemisphere, with its 309 m [about 1000 feet]. Moose building of this 1970s. Reasons the second largest group of buildings, the older ones, with a lot less of glass and more concrete, how they envisioned the future. 

Beton und rechte Winkel
Concrete and right angles

But these are still quite often defined usually gray blocks are easy to overlook, considering the many pretty, and sometimes old, buildings, which also line the city. Prime examples of that being the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the Sydney Opera House

But let's look away from the center of the city, where every larger city just almost looks the same with shops, banks, offices and restaurants, because then Sydney shows something very special.

 The parts not directly in the middle are all like small cities by themselves. They have their own identity, smells, people and shops. 

They feel very different.

Once you leave the touristic Sydney you see a whole new world open up to you.

No other city felt so small pieced, so singled,  so far away within, so big in some sort of way. Sydney can change at every second corner very drastically. But the pieces still are connected. 

In a weird kind of fashion Sydney is made out of small single villages, that as a whole are huge, and because of that it is really easy to spend a lot of time in Sydney without seeing the same things over and over again. 

That makes it one of the most interesting cities and worth a visit. 

But not only permanent parts of Sydney are very interesting, in Sydney there's always something happening, just like many large cities Sydney is full of life,  full of festivity events and exhibitions. There is life in everything, it's buzzing and whizzing everywhere, people Rushing to work, at day, shopping, or going back home. And in the evening they go potty and relief from the stress. 

 All of that makes it a very balanced city, and very versatile

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