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I welcome you to the brand new english part of my Website.

My key audience is germanspeakinng, and my website was all-german, but now has a growing english section. 

I will try to reupload all my Blogentries  in a translated form. Because this is a lot of work, and not very easy to do, it will take me some time, but do not worry, I'm on it. 


Meanwhile take a look at the rest of the website, and enjoy!


If you have any question, please contact me.




What a busy place!

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

From the relaxed and warm Fiji I came to the biggest city in Australia, the 4 1/2 million Metropole Sydney, with a rather less Australian weather. 

When I arrived, without looking up the weather in before, I had drizzling rain and 15°C. 

Great. That's not what I imagined it to be like. But it got better, I wrote as I said underneath palm trees in blazing heat.

But it got better in Sydeny aswell. 

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The Islands of your dreams

After two weeks on mainland US, I left from San Francisco on the westcoast to Honolulu on Hawaii'.

This Flight of almost ten hours was the secondlongest on my trip and due to the not to modern fleet and not exactly perfect Service by United Airlines not the best.

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A small island in the pacific
A small island in the pacific

Well, Fiji is not that small and lonely, but compared to other countrys, Fiji is a bit off the grid.

About 2100 km, or 1300 miles, north of Auckland lies this since 1970 independent Country, wich is home to about 900.000 People, about as much as Delaware, in the size of the state New Jersey. Most of this area is on the two biggest of the over 330 Islands, that malke up this peace of earth. About two thirds of these Islands are not inhabited by humans. So alot of tiny Islands, with few, or no people at all. That sounds like Cast away to me. And that is the reason, why they filmed it there. And I stayed on such an islannd, not too far away, maybe a bit bigger, and with a bit more people, but still  pretty good.

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San Francisco

Golden  Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge

The best known landmark of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge spans over the Golden Gate, the entry to the San Francisco Bay Area. This huge area all alround San Francisco and Oakland has a lot more to offer than just one bridge. 

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Now twice the content!

Twice the work?

German English Dictiaries Created by PictureBlogUK published under CC BY 2.0
Created by PictureBlogUK published under CC BY 2.0

I hope not!

But anyway, welcome to the brand new English speaking part of ths website. As you might have seen, my website went through a huge change! 

As a first step I restructered the site, and made it accessible fora further 1.5 billion people. Sadly though I cannot translate every single  thing, but the main parts, and all the content now is also available in two languages. 


All my Blog entries, 12, are only avaiable in German right now, which is going to change really soon, so keep on looking here, you will be able to see most of the posts beeing translated, and all the new ones will be published in two languages, but most certainly not at the same time.

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